50 Stupid Guitar Exercises That Will Kick Your Ass And Drag Your Fingers (kicking & screaming) Into Finally Making Some Progress On Guitar

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They’re not exactly the most obedient things around, especially when it comes to learning guitar.

In fact, if we’re talkin’ about guitar playing, then your fingers are the #1 biggest (pain-in-the-butt) problem you have.

They just won’t do what you want.

Fine. We All Know That. But So What?

no-talentWell, if you’re like most folks then you pretty much play the exact same things every time you pick up a guitar.

And to hazard a guess, your rate of improvement is probably pretty slow and miserable because of it.

If all you’re doing is strumming chords, learning songs and playing random stuff then you’re just not going to improve very fast.


If you’ll put into action what I’m going to reveal to you today you can change all that VERY QUICKLY.

You see, there is a much faster way to go but before I let you in on it, there’s something important to consider…

The Anatomy Of A Guitar Player

Your hand is a *very* complicated thing.

  • 29 bones
  • 123 ligaments
  • 34 muscles responsible for moving the fingers and thumb
  • 48 named nerves
  • 30 names arteries

It’s a serious piece of machinery.

Did You Catch That? You’re dealing with ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerve endings and just like any athlete, you need to train!

Think about it, if a gymnast wants to perform the splits they must stretch and train daily in order to eventually be able to do that right? Because it’s not entirely natural to ask your body to do that kind of thing.

Well playing guitar is really no different. It’s a physical activity which requires an unnatural level of strength, stretching, stamina, coordination and dexterity.

And just like athletes, as guitar players we can also take our fingers to the gym and train for superior results. It’s a big reason why some people learning guitar (those in the know) improve at a much faster rate than others.

Now you’re “in the know” too!

Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

If all you’re doing each time you pick up a guitar is playing chords and strumming songs (basically repeating the same things over and over) then you’ve pretty much caught the slowest bus taking the longest route.

Good luck with that!


What I’ve got for you here is the fast track V.I.P ticket to getting your hands in shape for playing guitar. It’s what I use and what my friends use too.

Let’s break it down…

The Four Categories Of Guitar Exercises We Work With

1. Coordination

In order to play guitar well it’s critical that your right and left hands are in harmony with each other. They must flow together…

It’s all about timing and finesse.

So for that reason the selection of exercises you’ll go through here are pretty exhaustive. So much so that I feel obliged to give you this following WARNING… your fingers really aren’t going to like them.

More than likely they’ll kick, scream and complain every step of the way but… that’s a good sign.

That means… it’s working.

  • Get your fingers working fluently across the entire fretboard
  • Master the art of alternate picking (a big secret bonus)
  • Develop your sense of timing to a PRO level
  • Handle any scale or pattern in the future with ease

2. Finger Independence

What it is?

Well, it’s the ability for each of your fingers to act completely independently of one another. For each to be his own man so to speak.

That may not sound like much but trust me

This one is huge.

One thing all good players have in common is ‘economy of movement’. Each finger only moves when it absolutely needs to so there’s not wasted time or energy as you play.

That means you make less mistakes!

These exercises will FORCE YOUR FINGERS TO STAY IN LINE. Like a well trained navy S.E.A.L team.

  • Avoid wasting time an energy on movements which are unnecessary
  • Reduce the amount of mistakes you make when playing
  • Keep your playing looking very clean and neat with the minimum amount of movement necessary

3. Stretching

This one you’ll love…

Just consider something as common as barre chords. So many people have problems with them.

The key to barre chords has nothing to do with the shapes of the chords… what stops you is your inability to stretch your fingers… your lack of dexterity and strength!

So the true way to solve it is not through practicing barre chords but rather to increase your strength and stretching ability.

Do that and barre chords (in fact, all chords) become 100x easier and more comfortable to play.

The stretching exercises I reveal here are killer. They’ll quickly increase your ability to stretch across the fretboard and most start to notice a significant improvement in just 7 days.

Oh… and these exercises will also work wonders for anyone with small hands struggling to stretch. Most people start noticing an improvement in less than 5 days after starting.

  • Make things like barre chords feel much easier to play
  • Bring previously ‘impossible’ chord shapes into easy reach
  • Perfect a new wrist position essential for playing guitar well
  • Never feel you’re at a disadvantage with small hands ever again

4. Stamina

45-extrasHow long can you last? (only clean answers please!)

Everyone learning guitar has experienced the sensation of fingers getting tired, wrist cramping up and simply not having the strength to do something on guitar.

Actually if you think about it, many things we play on guitar simply isn’t natural for the hand to do anyway so just like an athlete you have to increase your endurance and stamina first.

The exercises in this section will quickly build up your hand into the virtual Arnold Schwarzenegger but man, it is gonna feel like work!

The exercises here are designed to literally push your hand to the point of exhaustion. And that’s a good thing. Even after just a week of doing them you’ll start to feel a massive difference in your capacity to play guitar.

  • Experience a totally different sensation each time you pick up your guitar
  • Play without getting tired or suffering hand exhauston
  • Begin to master techniques that previously seemed impossible
  • Dominate the fretboard with confidence and power

These Are The Exact Routines I Personally Used Back When I Was Practicing All Day Every Day And I Can Testify They DO Work Wonders!

I ought to mention on further thing while I’m here…

Here’s Why This Stuff Is So Incredibly Powerful… They’re All Compound Exercises!

Let me explain…

If you’ve ever worked out at the gym you’re sure to already know what a compound exercise is because they are the most powerful ones you can start with.

Basically it’s an exercise that works multiple muscles at once. Kind of like killing two birds (or 10) with one stone.

Now practically ALL of the exercises contained in this course work in this way. So while the main focus of an exercise may be to improve your coordination for example, in the background you’ll also be improving your finger independence all all the other areas too.

It’s powerful stuff.

Simply Put My Exercise Routines In Front Of Your Normal Practicing And Let Them Work Their Magic!

  • Use the exact same exercises as I do every day in your own practice routines. This is how I got good and improved faster than those around me.
  • Break out of that stubborn rut and make some genuine progress on guitar for once.
  • Listen to the MP3 as I coach you on exactly how to extract the maximum value from using these killer drills.
  • Strengthen and build up your hands to the point were you can easily handle whatever your guitar throws at you (hint, things like barre chords become a breeze).
  • Get your fingers working as a highly disciplined team rather than an unruly class of impossible to control teenagers!
  • Learn all the most important guitar exercises plus I’ll give you all my custom made ‘secret ones’ too. I’ve never shown these ones before.

Iron Clad Money Back Protection

homeguarantransHere’s the deal…

Take a full 30 days to try out all the exercises and test the results for yourself. If you don’t agree that using them has made a massive difference to your guitar playing simply email me here and I’ll quickly and quietly return every penny. No questions asked.

How much? Just one easy payment of $49.95

  • 55 video lessons showing you how to perform each exercise in superb detail
  • A course book with every exercise written out
  • Download the lessons or watch them online
  • A video talk (personally from me to you) all about practicing and how to use this stuff
  • A worksheet to help you plan your practice routines
  • Fully compatible with iPad/iPhone devices

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers

author-photoP.S – These are the exact same exercises I personally used to rapidly improve on guitar! Simply do them before your normal practicing for 10-15 minutes a day and you’ll start to see results in about 7 days from now.

Plus, you can test it all out for nothing! Grab it now and spend the next 30 days watching all the videos and doing the exercises. If it doesn’t work for you simply email me and I’ll quickly return every penny. Can’t get much fairer than that right?